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    Building Products San Fernando, CA At Sand Building Materials, we know that the success of your project depends on the quality of materials used in the construction of installations and features. When you source hardscaping products from us, you can be sure that we will deliver the highest quality products to you.

    We have a vast client base in San Fernando, Santa Clarita, and Los Angeles that sources various hardscaping, masonry materials, sand, and gravel from us. Over the last 16 years, property owners in Sherman Oaks, Encino, North Hollywood, and Beverly Hills have also become regular clients. We supply these products and materials to customers in Pasadena, Burbank, and Studio City as well. The wide varieties of products you can source from us include:


    If you are looking for resilient and durable surface material for outdoor areas, you should consider pavers. You can choose from interlocking concrete pavers of different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. These units can be installed in any outdoor space such as poolscapes, driveways, walkways, pathways as well as decks and patios. We carry a wide variety of products so you have a good choice and can find something that suits your budget and project requirements. Pavers are suitable for all types of landscape themes. They are easy to maintain and last for several years. Read More About Pavers »

    Natural Stones

    Including natural stones in your landscaping project is one of the best ways to create a unique aesthetic in these areas. There are different types of natural stones you can opt for, and we can provide you all the information you require about these products. We carry a wide variety of flagstone, ledge stones, decorative rock, and other products, and you can rest assured that they are of the best quality. Regardless of whether you need these materials for a small scale project or a larger one, we are here to supply different types of natural stones. Read More About Natural Stones »


    Most landscapes have some boundary walls, garden walls, sitting walls, or retaining walls. Concrete blocks can be used in the construction of these features. These materials are highly resilient, available in various shapes and sizes, and can withstand the elements very well. The blocks are also available in different finishes and textures, and you can choose something that suits the overall aesthetic of your landscape. We carry a wide variety of concrete blocks, and our team can also assist you in selecting products that will suit your budget and landscape plan. Read More About Block »

    Sand and Gravel

    Sand, as well as gravel, is commonly used to create a focal point in a landscape. You can choose gravel of different thicknesses and colors based on the overall design of your outdoor spaces. We carry different types of gravel of the best quality and can also provide the amount of sand that you require. These products can be delivered in the quantities that you need at your project site. We can also assist with the selection process, as well. This helps to ensure that you get the kind of products that will be best suited for your specific project. Read More About Sand & Gravel »


    Cement is unarguably one of the most commonly used materials in construction and landscaping projects. While it is essential to have experienced installers for the job, you also need excellent quality concrete for the structures. All outdoor features are regularly exposed to the elements, making them vulnerable to early deterioration. However, when you use good quality cement you can be sure that your outdoor structures will last for a long time and look fantastic as well. We supply cement of only the best brands, so you are guaranteed high-quality products. Read More About Cement »


    Depending on the type of concrete structure you are building, you might need reinforcement for it. This reinforcement comes in the form of rebar. Since every project will have different specifications, we customize our rebar products to suit your project requirements. Only the best quality steel is used in these rebar, and they have the perfect texture so that your concrete features get the support they need. You can discuss your requirements with our team, and they will ensure you get the best rebar for your commercial or residential project. Read More About Rebar »

    Masonry/Concrete & Plaster Tools

    Our company offers an impressive range of masonry products that we select and source from the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers across the nation. You can buy products such as grinders, concrete mixers, stone splitters, block saws as well as various power pneumatic guns. Also, we have various other tools that you may need in your landscaping and structural projects. We understand the importance of having good quality concrete, plaster, and masonry tools, and you can rely on us for all your requirements. Read More About Masonry/Concrete & Plaster Tools »


    Stucco is a highly resilient surface application. It lends a unique look to walls and any other services as well. This application is made using a variety of materials, including sand, aggregates, cement, etc. You can source all of these materials from us to make the kind of stucco you want. We assure you of the best quality products. So you can also be sure that the stucco you make using these materials will be very resilient and attractive. We can provide you all the materials required in the quantities you need. Read More About Stucco »

    Sealers and Coatings

    Most outdoor paved surfaces need some coating or sealers. These applications help maintain the appearance, finish as well as the integrity of these surfaces. Depending on your specific requirement, you can choose from glossy, matte, and waterproof coatings. Since there are many different products to choose from, our team will provide you details you need so you can choose wisely. We carry products only from the best manufacturers. They will add to the appeal and value of your property and protect the features from damage and deterioration. Read More About Sealers and Coatings »

    Equipment Rentals

    If you require specific equipment for your landscaping projects, you can rent them from us. We have a wide variety of equipment, including U-Cart 1 Yd. towable mixers and brickform decorative stamps. Just tell us what your requirements are, and we will make sure that the equipment you need is delivered to your project site. The different types of concrete stamps that we carry are useful in creating various textures and aesthetics in the outdoor spaces of commercial and residential properties. The equipment that we rent out is of good quality and helps improve the efficiency of your technicians. Read More About Equipment Rentals »

    We are committed to providing our clients value for money and you will find that we maintain very affordable gravel cost. For any more information about the materials we supply, contact Sand Building Materials on this number or through this Contact Us form.

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